Every step, every design and every product we use has a purpose. We want to design your electronics system to perform better than you ever imagined. We are 100% custom. If you are looking for a passionate, driven company with the best team in Jacksonville then you have found the right place. Our site is packed with videos, tutorials and pictures. We specialize in automating your home and business. We carry the best 4k TV’s, electronics, speakers, surveillance systems. Let us design your dream system with our full 100% satisfaction guarantee. We promise this will be the most fun you have had in a very long time.

Schedule an appointment with us to day to start your design process. We can’t wait to speak with you.

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Is this your first time here?  Welcome! We want to give you a full understanding of what we do.  Sometimes electronics can seem complicated.  Most of the time this happens when a proper design hasn’t been done.  At Superior we believe in designing the system first.  Showing up to a job is the easy part but knowing what to do and why you are doing it is key.  Make sure to include enough time for proper design when selecting your AV company.  Are you building or remodeling?  Click the link below for our how-to guides and timelines.

Pre Wire

We are just starting our newest client’s prewiring of their new home.  Over the next few days we will be pulling speaker wire though the walls and attic, here at World Golf in Saint Augustine, FL.  We are wiring for the home theater in the family room and the kids playroom, speaker on their patio,…

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We do everything required because no detail is too small to be unimportant. And our commitment to providing the best customer service anywhere runs through our veins.

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