Making the Impossible Possible with Hands-Free Home Automation in Atlantic Beach, FL

Imagine being able to give a simple voice command to control everything in your house!

Control4 has made life much easier for people with Amazon’s Alexa.

For example, its one-touch mood setting features. If you have installed their smart home technology in your Atlantic Beach home, you will understand how advanced they are with the functioning. Most important, their Smart Home Skill has different state-of-the-art technology included such as FireTv, Dot, Echo and Tap. These are really important for devices of Amazon Alexa family. A simple voice command will help you control your smart home easily.

One of the reasons why Control4 is the leading company for smart homes is because of the features in the Home Automation Hands-Free system (aka “Scenes”) works with different devices that also work in various concerts. In fact, their functioning is so advanced that multiple devices can be used simultaneously. This has been a path-breaking feature for families that have smart homes and also a big step for Alexa and Control4. You now have the power of automation at your fingertips and all you need to do is command with your voice and not with any kind of remote control.

So, you can imagine the things that you can do once you are home. Here are few things that you can try when you have spare time:

  • When you are in a different floor from the kitchen and want the lights and everything to be ready when you go to the kitchen, all you have to do is ask, “Alexa, turn on Cooking’”. The lights in your kitchen fixtures ramp and the pantry will be turned along with the TV which will be switched to your favorite channel.
  • If all the lights in the house are on and you are feeling too sleepy to get up from bed, simply command, “Alexa, turn off house”. All the lights will be turned off, the doors will be locked, shades closed and the security system will be armed.
  • On entering the house, you can say, “Alexa, turn on Welcome” and your customized home invitation scene will be played with lights leading your way and Pandora will play tunes or songs from your favorite playlist.
  • You can also make Alexa do simpler things too like adjusting the home temperature, dim the bedside lamp or even turn the dining chandelier on and off.

All these things can be done hands-free, but you need to have the Amazon Alexa App where Control4 Smart Home Skill should be added. Authenticate with your username and password and it will discover all the devices automatically. If you have the pro version of Control4 installer, you will be able to extend the voice control and include a variety of advanced scenes such as streaming music or any other kind of entertainment.