Home Automation | Jacksonville, FL

What is Home Automation? Simply put, the control of all your home’s systems from the convenience of one control pad, a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the press of one button, multiple products throughout your home and property can be adjusted according to pre-programmed settings.

Basic systems such as sprinklers or a home security system are easily managed by the touch of a button. Houselights can be programmed to turn on as soon as you get home while your thermostat is adjusted and music begins to play over your sound system.

More involved systems are available that sense when someone is in a room and will adjust the light and temperature according to their pre-programmed settings.

Maybe you have a vacation home that requires close monitoring. If it’s in the snow belt, you can program specialized systems such as a roof heater (to melt snow), and driveway heaters (to keep ice from forming) all with the touch of a button. Maybe you’re near the ocean and have sensors that monitor for flooding – again, easily controlled with the touch of a button. If there is ever a problem, you’ll receive an emergency text message to alert you to the problem.

This innovative technology gives you total home control in Jacksonville as well as from anywhere you travel.

Control All Your Entertainment Technology with One Remote

One of the nicest features of a home automation system is that you’re able to have a universal remote that controls all the elements of your home audio and visual systems. Gone are the piles of remotes and associated confusion that brings! You’ll be in complete control of your TVs, DVRs, sound equipment, speakers – all with oneremote control.

Control Lights with the Press of One Button

Whether you’re home or away, you can arrange the operation of your lights with one touch of your finger. Lights can be programmed to go on and off at certain times, to respond to stimuli in the environment, and to aid in the protection of your property.

We can create the perfect set-up for your life, your home, your family, or business.