Streamline Your Home Network With Pakedge Zones™ for Flawless Home Automation in Julington Creek

As we increasingly become technologically savvy, so do our homes. A typical home nowadays is one that features a TV, music system, Smartphones, iPhones, laptops, to mention but a few.

What if they could all work together to make your life easier and more efficient? This depends on the quality of your home network. Most people don’t have their network set up properly and all these devices vie for the same wifi signal and jam your home network. Given that your home network forms the bedrock of the home automation system, it is clear to see why measures need to be taken to address this issue.

In order to address the issue, Control4 has acquired Pakedge whose creators have brought one of the most powerful network solutions in the world. Pakedge is not your typical router though. This equipment contains a technology referred to as Pakedge Zones™ which are basically zones of individual networks within your home.

Existing as distinct units, these network zones can be used to prioritize your home network needs based on the network traffic that flows at any particular moment. The good thing about it is that it enables you to have zones assigned to various network needs. You could assign a zone to web browsing and emails, another zone to video and audio streaming, another one to home automation and even use another for communications and for guests that come along with their own devices that require bandwidth.

What is the implication of this network zoning technology? Basically, you will reap the benefits of having an extremely fast network as each unit will be operating in its own sphere, making network congestion a thing of the past.

Streaming live videos and arranging a Skype call will be easy but more importantly, you will be in full control of your home as this technology goes a long way in making home automation an easy process to execute. It should also be noted that since Pakedge relies on wireless points that are strategically placed around your home, you are assured a steady supply of network juice regardless of what strains are being put on it.

With Pakedge, you won’t have to walk to an elevated position to pick up Wi-Fi or take that important facetime meeting. From anywhere in your house, it makes a steady network supply a reality. For those looking at it from a budget angle, you are covered as well. This is because due to its multifunctional nature, the router saves you the funds you would have otherwise spent shopping for several network devices.