People from all over St. Augustine are turning to Superior Sight & Sound for a New Kind of Home Automation!

Now you can talk to your home with voice controlled home automation

Have you, at any point in life, left your house for work and wished you had turned the temperature down to save energy and money? Or going for vacation and needed to set up a lighting plan that will mimic your typical light usage, so it seems like you are in the house?

Well, with control4 home automation technologies, you can, as it designed with interfaces to deliver the most beautiful and intuitive interactions with your St. Augustine home from any place you might be.

As a homeowner, you might want a remote control that allows you to adjust the intensity of light and switch it on or off. You can not only manage the lights within your house but also outside including your backyard and garden.

You may also want to have the ability to control digital entertainment in your home — to enjoy your video experience in the living room with a handheld, tactile remote, or let your guests enjoy great movies while you prepare a meal for them. All the above is possible and you can even monitor your house when you are away, on your smartphone thus being up to date with whatever is going on at home.

Imagine having all this power over your house.

And it gets even more interesting! Now you can talk to your home. Advancements in controlling your smart home technology have speech recognition technology that has made a voice-controlled smart home completely attainable. Your home gives you a set of ears, all you have to do is speak and get the job done.

Currently, Control4 is integrated with Amazon Alexa and offers more personalization of your smart home experience than ever before. You can now enjoy hands-free automation throughout the entire home, no more hand-held remotes. You could be handling laundry and want to play your favorite playlist, well that is possible without reaching your smartphone. With a simple voice command, you will be enjoying your playlist.

Voice control plays a central role and gives you so much flexibility and comfort. You could be in bed resting and turn lights on or off, adjust the room temperatures right from your bed by talking about the lights or the thermostat right from your bed.

Talking to your home is a great experience and a big step for Control4 home automation. This is guaranteed to bring you an all new feeling of pleasure, control and convenience while at home.

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