Home Theater Installation – Ponte Vedra, FL

Searching For Your Home Theater Installation Expert?

A good home theater system gives you the feel of being at the movies, adjusting for the size of the screen of course… although your screen can be quite large!

If you are making your first attempt to set up a home theater, the task can be quite daunting. At Superior Sight & Sound, we specialize in from basic to high-end home theater installation and design in the Ponte Vedra area.

We have highly professional installers that give you the assistance you will need to built out a full cinematic experience at home. If you want to get that real feel of a movie theater with stunning audio-visual effects, you’ll have to seek expert help.

Here are some factors you should consider when looking for a home theater installer:

  • Develop a clear idea about the setup, before unpacking the home theater parts. It is good to have a placement scheme in mind.
  • Select a room that is powered by single circuit breaker so that the damage risk is reduced if there is an overload.
  • The screen of the television should be placed at a point where it can be viewed straight, and the screen center is aligned with the eyes of the seated person.
  • While setting up the speakers make sure that right and left ones are at the equal distance on either side of the TV. If they are placed on the top of the TV, the front edge of the speaker should be at the height of the central channel speaker.

These and many other details are why it makes sense to hire a pro home theater installer. A pro can maximize your home theater system experience, lightening proof it, and set it up so it’s safe in case of a power surge.

Our home theater installation teams are thoroughly professional and will give your theater a clean look by hiding all the large wiring in the wall. Once our team is on the job, you are completely free to relax and without any worries, because we’ve got you covered.

Installing a system in your house is best done by experts with experience.

Choose the system that you want or call us for our top recommendations. Decide on the style of seating you want (we also have the connections for those!). Some people like the luxuriousness and comfortable theater style seats. These often come in a grouping of three or more and can be staggered for maximum viewing for all those in the room. Other people would rather have a couch type seat when viewing movies. Whatever you decide, Superior Sight & Sound is here for all of your Home Theater needs. Call us today!