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In this day and age of smart-everything, the next generation wakes up to an easier life. The Internet of Things has changed the way we interact and connect with each other in ways never before imagined, even while at home. Control4’s Voice Controlled Home Automation system lets you have this.

It’s sounds like sci-fi, but it’s not.

It’s in everything we do: work, school, house chores. Even preparing a simple dinner has never been the same since the advent of technological disruptions in our daily lives. Workflows and tasks in professional settings have become increasingly mobile-oriented, but it’s not all about just smartphones and laptops when it comes to interface.

The importance of design and integration has become ubiquitous, and interface design (UI) always factors in on user experience (UX). With Amazon’s Alexa, your voice is now at the forefront of everything you need.

Now integrated with Control4’s Smart Home system, Amazon Alexa’s suite of intelligent tasking skills can help you control just about everything in your home: from light to sound, from doors to screens and even window screens.

Control4’s robust systems provide a light and easy experience to help you understand and control your home through intuitive interactions. Control4 offers cross-device integration so you can simultaneously access your content and let Alexa guide and help you throughout your day, whether you’re heading out your office to a business meeting, or going home after a productive day.

Control4 offers an extensive range of security applications for your home monitoring needs, as well as automation for all the security devices installed in your home, variably personalized with the same level of detail that Amazon’s Alexa AI can provide you. With your voice as the main remote control, your entire home becomes hands-free. You can even switch in between Amazon’s three tiers of Alexa-ready devices: Echo, Tap, and Dot. Amazon FireTV and Kindle devices also connect seamlessly through your home’s central network and sync wirelessly, ready to do whatever you say.

Imagine the convenience of a smart home and you’ll see how the lines between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred, or perhaps even erased, in the future. The list of voice commands coded into Alexa’s AI is growing, because its algorithm has a committed machine learning capability, making it both future-ready and future-proof.

All these features are steadily gaining ground, as more and more companies get signed with Amazon’s range of services. At the moment, Control4 is only authorized in the U.S., with permissions for U.K. and Germany already on the way.

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